About Us

Gotha Pharmaceuticals is a family owned Manufacturing Company specializing in Supplementary Pharmaceuticals. Dr Henry Davis started Gotha Pharmaceuticals almost 18 years ago. Our specialty is stable Magnesium based Compounds. Gotha Pharmaceuticals started out as a small manufacturing unit which expanded into a Manufacturing Facility capable of mass production. We are committed to upholding Good Manufacturing Practices and to always deliver an exceptional finished product.

Our Origin

Dr Henry Davis has always had a passion for genetics and metabolic deficiencies. Through his research, he learned that most South Africans have a magnesium deficiency, with this knowledge in mind he developed and patented a stable Magnesium compound, that together with L Carnitine combats this deficiency, strengthens your metabolic system and helps the body to produce energy naturally. We developed Slow Carma Capsules using this combination of Magnesium and L Carnitine. Slow Carma is registered with the MCC and a clinical trial was done proving the efficiency of the product.


We also have a passion for medicinal plants and how the properties can help people, through extracts we are able to incorporate these diverse properties into anything from creams to capsules. Gotha Pharmaceuticals have the expertise to develop and manufacture cold process Ointments & Creams, Syrups, Liquids, Tablets and of course Capsules.

We distribute countrywide, with some of our clients being in Pretoria, Cape Town and Port Elizabeth.