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We created a variety of nutraceuticals, ointments, salves, and supplements that have massive health applications and benefits for our clients.

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With all our processes complying with strict GMP standards and a dedicated team we strive to consistently deliver a product of the highest quality. We are geared to formulate and manufacture to a client’s specific needs and in relatively small quantities.

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We are a Nutraceutical Company specializing in the manufacturing of natural and supplementary products. We are committed to uphold Good Manufacturing Practices, and to always deliver an exceptional finished product.

We design/Formulate products for clients to meet their specific needs and can manufacture, bottle, pack, label and ship in small to large quantities. We specialize in Encapsulation (Capsules), Tablets, Liquids, Ointments and Creams.

We do in-house Extraction of wet or dry plant material for ointments, creams and Tinctures.

We can do relative small batches of a product to very large, from about 250 units up to 10 000 plus units. The Sky is the limit.

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